This is Ray's most recent design, developed to meet the needs of paddling instructors and others who want perfect control of their canoes, with a minimum of effort, especially those who paddle solo Canadian-style. Compared to the Special, the blade is longer, narrower, and the shaft generally shorter. Everything that can be said about the Special applies to the Quill, but more so. Because of the length of the blade and its smooth-working design, the Quill is best recovered underwater, rather than up in the air. The Quill then works to control the canoe at all times, even during recovery.
     Every Quill has to be, and is, perfect. Every Quill has to be made of a particularly good grade of wood.
     The Quill was developed to be a solo paddle, Canadian-style, but with the longer shaft can be used for tripping solo or tandem.

Blade - 33" or 35"
Shaft - 26" to 29"
(The most popular shaft length has been 27")
Price: $150
(Price shown is in Canadian $)