Kettlewell paddles are all hand-carved of a single piece of wood. Hand carving ensures maximum use of the characteristics of each individual piece of wood. It also makes it possible to balance each paddle. Proper balance means the paddle can be held very lightly, never clenched. Hand-carving means that every blade can be perfectly smooth and symmetrical, so that the blade slips smoothly through the water like a fish, never running off or fighting the paddler. Just the right amount of flex is built into a paddle through the carving, never too much so that energy is lost, or too little so that water feels like concrete. Every paddle is tested for flex, and strength.
     Kettlewell blade designs are all traditional in origin, with a maximum width of 6 inches. These blades were designed and modified to make it easy for a paddler to go all day, to use a variety of strokes as his skill allows. There are few straight lines, and no sharp corners on Kettlewell paddles, as experience has taught that these do not move smoothly in the water.
     Each Kettlewell paddle is made of one piece of hardwood. Laminations are done to use inferior woods, or to make a very wide paddle. We don't do that. One piece paddles require top-grade wood and skillful carving. All the paddles offered here are made of cherry only. Of the hardwoods suitable for a paddle, cherry is medium weight, medium strength, and possibly the prettiest you'll ever see. It darkens to a rich mahogany colour over the course of a couple summers' use. The cherry used in Kettlewell paddles is kiln-dried, so that it should not warp given proper care.